Biden's debate performance showed his frailty and confusion, raising doubts about his ability to serve another term. Trump's remarks underscored Biden's struggles.

Democrats’ Top Ten

After Biden’s Debate Performance – What’s Next?

Biden's debate performance showed his frailty and confusion, raising doubts about his ability to serve another term. Trump's remarks underscored Biden's struggles.

By Greg Maresca

The debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump made it painfully clear what everyone paying attention already knew. Without the teleprompter, Biden looked frail, confused, and flustered. Biden’s Debate Performance was abysmal. The President had difficulty maintaining focus, proving he was not up to serving four more years in office.

The debate was over as soon as Trump remarked that he did not know what Biden was saying and that Biden didn’t know either.

The left’s house organ, The New York Times called on Biden to end his campaign. “He struggled to explain what he would accomplish in a second term. He struggled to respond to Mr. Trump’s provocations.  More than once, he struggled to make it to the end of a sentence.” 

Democrats use people to hold power and, when they are of no further use, dispose of them. Despite South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem’s penchant for putting down vicious dogs, Democrats are out of luck. After more than half a century in politics, Biden’s expiration date is past, and his party admitted it.  

A top-ten list Democrats might want to consider in replacing Biden:   

10 – Harrison Butker, the Super Bowl-winning placekicker for the Kansas City Chiefs. He is anything but a “Buffet Catholic” like the Bidens. Butker could then suit up for the Washington NFL franchise on gamedays.  A two-fer for the D.C. swamp dwellers.  

Biden's Debate Performance led the Babylon Bee to jest that Disney's "Animatronic Biden" would be a suitable replacement.

9 – Disney’s animatronic Biden: Turn it down to half-speed, and no one would be able to tell the difference, particularly in Biden’s Debate Performance, according to the Babylon Bee.

8 – The puppet Walter from Jeff Dunham.  It is as wooden as the present White House occupant that Obama’s leftovers are always telling what and when to speak.

Biden's debate performance has the Internet clamoring for the West Wing's Jed Bartlett.

7 – Martin Sheen: The Golden Globe winner played Democrat president Jed Bartlet in NBC’s The West Wing.  With Americans acquainted with someone playing president, Sheen would be a natural.  

6 – Jimmy Carter: The 99-year-old former president and Georgia peanut farmer still has one more four-year term of eligibility left and no NIL deal to complicate matters.    

5 – Taylor Swift: For the first time since Biden started campaigning from his basement, Democrats would finally have someone at the top of their ballot who can draw a crowd, even if it is only Swifties.

Biden's debate performance has voters looking for someone powerful to compete with the leaders on the World Stage.

4 – Mike Tyson: No one should want Biden going mano e mano with Russia’s Putin, China’s Xi Jinping, or even North Korea’s Kim Jung Un.  Bring on the once self-described “baddest man on the planet.”

3 – Dig up Caligula. Despite his corpse status for over two millennia, Caligula was equally as scandalous as the Bidens’ but did manage to construct roads and aqueducts while keeping the peace.  

2 – Dave Chappelle: The entire Biden administration has been an extended version of The Chappelle Show.  The time is long past to bring in the professionals. 

Is Joe Biden considering the "smartest guy Joe knows" as his replacement?

1 – Hunter Biden: After all, he is the smartest guy Joe knows. That’s assuming Joe still knows him.  

Democrats will keep Biden at the top of their ticket. It’s easier than reprinting the millions of ballots already packaged for November’s harvest. To help matters along, provided there is a second debate, CNN has agreed to turn off the mike when Biden mumbles.

Do you really expect a political party that ignores the First, Second, and Tenth Amendments to take heed of the 25th Amendment, whereby “the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office?”  

Provided Biden agreed to serve one term, all of this would be a nonstarter.  Given his decline, it was clearly an egocentric act for Biden to seek reelection. The imploding Biden marionette show is long past its expiration.

The debate began the finger pointing at Jill Biden for blind ambition.

Others culpable include First Lady Jill Biden, the enabler-in-chief, who is guilty of elder abuse.  Dr. Kevin O’Connor, the White House physician responsible for reporting on the president’s health, has consistently stated Biden is “fit for duty.”  O’Connor’s continued presence is a disservice and an existential threat to the nation. 

Primaries were changed, allowing South Carolina to move ahead of three states Biden lost in 2020: Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada.  Biden has the delegates to win the nomination, provided he doesn’t “voluntarily” withdraw.

America is being run by Obama’s unelected, bureaucratic leftovers – the true “threat to democracy.”  

Biden is unfit and doesn’t belong in the White House, and his entire party is complicit. 

Perhaps some are finally waking up to this?

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